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4 Responses to HEY

  1. xi_rabbit says:


  2. Hao Ji says:

    Didnt saw u for long long time, and sometime you get online with a sign of "dont’s F**Kin disturbing ME" Sigh…-_-#, alright, um, listen, just make sure u alright or not, last night the freaky thunder storm is totally scared me, my house was shaking after the thunder started. plus i dreamed you murdered last night, OK, god bless u!

  3. Yuan says:

    I’m ok, only too busy and too tired to write anything. Don’t worry too much.

  4. Hao Ji says:

    well, glad to see you better, how is your life in Uni, ok obversely buzyhey, am I peculiar? how?well, may be because you have such feeling, right!ok, just wait for hearing more about u recently soon! sseeeyaaaa

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