Here I’m putting on some of the recent pictures just to tell you what I’ve been busy with and that I’m quite fine but only too tired to write more. Mid-autumn day is drawing near, hope all of my firends enjoy the special day.

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  1. 程浩 says:

    u are a good sister

  2. says:


  3. jia says:


  4. Yuan says:


  5. says:

    Merry Mid-autumn Day!!:)

  6. Hao Ji says:

    good luck from the Picture, I can See! (way of speak from jeida)Its been Good MiAutumn Day?

  7. xi_rabbit says:


  8. twinhorse says:

    It’s almost ten years! How time flies!

    • tangtoni says:

      i know! i actually wrote a lot more before than, but at some point, i deleted all of my older posts, which, i regret a lot these days. i used to write long blogs and some readers criticized that my blogs were too long and nobody would read them. i think i started writing when i was in high school or first year of college. can’t remember now….

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