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This is kinda funny. When I typed "I dont’ speak spanish" and asked google to translate from english to spanish, it appeared "I don’t speak english" ?(*&^%$#@…..

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12 Responses to check this out

  1. dandan says:


  2. 听听 says:

    my best friend wrote a note about fan xiaoxuan.

  3. weakform says:


  4. weakform says:


  5. minjia says:


  6. Xu says:


  7. says:

    i don’t know why, but it works

  8. Yuan says:

    我今天又在自己的电脑上试了一下 还是这样
    我觉得GOOGLE简直在跟我开玩笑 超级好玩的….

  9. Yuan says:

    不过改成小写 翻译的也不大对 呵呵 

  10. Tony says:

    Yo  puedo hablar un poco español, jajaja

  11. Yuan says:

    Tony 同学
    等你去了MADRID 你就会说 MUCHO了^^

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