Mavis — interviewed by Luyu


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12 Responses to Mavis — interviewed by Luyu

  1. Yuan says:

    Watched this video, I cried so hard (in the office ;( …. Luckily no one saw me)Don’t know why I love Mavis so much. for 12 years.Just Mavis

  2. _9527 says:

    缓冲的好慢啊 等了很久才能看 呵呵~~~

  3. Theresa says:


  4. Yuan says:

    hahathey are both very cool^^

  5. Yuan says:

    Jimmymaybe because of Tudou, I couldn’t find Mavis with Luyu in youtube….

  6. Danni says:

    吓了我一跳,我以为怎么了呢。 哎……..得, 你也归于我的小朋友行列了……优秀的小朋友!

  7. 听听 says:

    omg~~~You can watch tudou in the office? Where are you working now?

  8. 听听 says:


  9. Ci Ci says:

    Hey Toni, Did you mean Mavis Fan? 
    I liked her too, from the time I was still in primary school. 
    Especially her second Music Album, it is so amazing !
    I was so impressed by her virginal white dress and pure voice.^.^~
    I always imaged I can be a girl like her.
    I like her feminine, active , or sometime intensive even aggressive.
    She can act differently but I only can be one.
    haha~I can clearly name my likeness but you have no idea about why you love
    Maybe just the magic between you guys.
    No reasons, just something from deep inside the heart.

  10. Ci Ci says:

    hi here I am again
    I am sorry I forgot I supposed to ask you questions?
    Will you be available this weekend?

  11. xi_rabbit says:


  12. Yuan says:

    AMY I’ll give you a call

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