post-apple purchasing experience


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From Oct 24, 2008, I’ve been waiting for my $750 refund from "apple", as I was told by the retail manager… the money never came back. Before I decided to go to the shop again (need so much courage…), I tried to call the store by the number on the receipt, the call never went thru, and the store was not on record of the 411 customer service.

So…. I google this hell store, CELLULAR STOP INC NEW YORK NY 10018, guys, remember this name, and never go there. According to the internet review, it’s the "WORST" store in New York. Here are some of the links:

Read the first story, you’ll know why I regret having been there so much and why you should never go there again.

Yes, the man standing in the picture in the first link is the manager, the worst-tempered retail person I’ve ever ever met.

Honestly, I don’t think I can get my $750 back though, since I paid by cash and I was so annoyed that I forgot to ask for a receipt…..

Anyone has any idea on how to get the money back?


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6 Responses to post-apple purchasing experience

  1. minjia says:

    keep complaing and "threatening"~~~that’s how I finally got my t-mobile rebate back after 6 months…-_-b

  2. says:

    sorry for your horrible experience as an iphone 12315,maybe:)good luck! fighting with JS! Damn them all over the world!

  3. says:


  4. 晶晶 says:


  5. Yuan says:

    it is the guy in apple store who instructed me to go to that shitty store in times square….

  6. says:

    wow……..poor Toni.

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