Snowboarding is so much fun – when you start not to fall… Otherwise it hurts. Ouch!

Doing good so far today, didn’t fall at all on the small slope, then went on the mountain and took a long run, didn’t fall that much either! Feeling good.

We’ve got four girls and two guys, the guys are pros, and all ladies are beginners.

Taking a break having a burger and some french fries, no healthy food on the mountain, and garbage food always tastes so good – just as a bonus for my workout 😉

It’s the afternoon, 3:30, back from the mountain and drinks at the local bar, a band is performing rock n’ roll, this place is surprisingly crowded, there’s a long line waiting down the building, thank goodness we have a table and could skip the wait.

It’s getting dark out, the snow is still going on, flurry, gentle and beautiful. We say in our hometown that the little doggy gets excited about the snow – because it just doesn’t snow much at all in Wujiang – so, I’m like that little doggy, all excited.

This afternoon went so well, we got to the top of the mountain, not only once, but twice: once with the whole group, sliding down the green path, slowly and lots of stops; second time, I went with the pro, coming straight from the BLUE path – a month ago, I was rolling down all the way, lots of bruises – but today, I snowboarded down, fast, intrepid, it felt so great, and the sunset view was just gorgeous from the top of the mountain.

Okay for today! Tomorrow it’s gonna be another few runs, and then back to nyc. Ahhhhh work is waiting, yikes!

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