On my way back to Manhattan

It’s 8:36AM, Uncle Michael, his new wife Denise, my cousin Hank and I are on our way to New York City. The newly married couple will spend two-days in NYC as their honeymoon, Hank will be back school in New Jersey, and I, will be back to Manhattan, ready for next week’s work. Thank goodness I have one more day off tomorrow, thanks again, the President!!

Uncle Michael prepared Xiao Long Bao for breakfast, tasted really good, but I haven’t had such rich breakfast for soooo long. Everyday, I have oatmeal from either Starbucks, or self-made, plus an apple and a banana – well, most of the time, I can’t put everything in my stomach at a time, so I leave the banana or apple for my coffee break at 11 or so. But, I love oatmeals…

Back to this morning’s breakfast, it was all meat and flour, I ate 7 Xiao long bao (buns), and couldn’t finish the rest 3. Hank ate 15 buns, including 2 I gave him.

This past two days has been good. The wedding was sweet and touching. Denise was weeping during the wedding, I was so moved. They’ve been together for 9 years and finally this day came. I couldn’t help but thinking, I would most likely weep on my wedding too, awww, sensitive Pisces!

We had chicken dance for the 1-yr old little Tyler. See below video, so cute. Will post wedding pictures later.

Last night after the wedding, Hank and I went with our cousin Angela’s family to the town of Acton’s 275 Anniversary and the Chinese New Year Celebration. Thousands of people attended. And I saw two of my friends’ group performing!

Today – Sunday, back home in the PM, rest. Tomorrow, lunch with a bunch of real estate students, vocal lesson, cook, rest. Life is so wonderful!

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