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going home

Late night, just passed midnight, on a cab back home now. Tonight’s dance rehearsal was fun as usual, and a little tired. Our Hipnotic show in on March 26, big show, all pieces by ourselves. I’ll be dancing a solo, … Continue reading

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on my way to school

On the bus to the westside – every thur and fri night is my bellydance rehearsal night, I have to take a crosstown bus, then transfer to the old familiar No. 1 train. Takes about 30 min, but I enjoy … Continue reading

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lunch break

Staring at my computer screen for a whole day always hurts my eyes. Miss the required eye sight protection massage in elementary school… Now finally it’s about lunch time, and I’m taking a break away from the office. Everyday I … Continue reading

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off work

Finally, off work again. So many people at Grand Central Station, and so many again on the subway. This is the Metropolitan life, a little too noisy and crowded for a small town girl like me…. Good night everyone…. Hope … Continue reading

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周末滑雪非常开心,关键是终于在单板上找到点感觉。总结一下,第一天重新熟悉一个月前上一次滑雪的感觉,上午在绿道(初级)上滑,下午一半绿道、一半蓝道(中级)。基本没有摔;第二天感觉有点疲惫,但是硬着头皮跟着高手直接上了山顶,滑了一天的蓝道。开始两圈摔了几次,但是现在水平上去了,摔跤也不疼了(当然也因为这次装备齐全,护膝、护腕都戴的好好的,心理感觉很安全)。下午从山顶直接穿过树林滑回小木屋,历经滑单板人生中的第一个黑道(高级),单钻,还没到双钻,纪念一下。 几张照片,分享一下。 第一天跟一块去的三个女孩子玛格丽特、艾比和阿曼达在“魔毯”上,她们也都是初学。顺便说一下,美国本科生真是能玩,晚上我们一帮人穿着T-SHIRT短裤一起蒸桑拿喝啤酒,然后蒸半个小时他们热的受不了了又跑到雪地里站5分钟,然后又继续回去蒸。我这把老骨头可经不起这么折腾,看着几个小把戏跑来跑去。 还是第一天,我跟玛格丽特和查理在等剩下的人下升降梯,我在雪地里“画天使”。(鉴于明天情人节,画个心心纪念一下) 山顶,金色的阳光铺满整个小镇。

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Snowboarding is so much fun – when you start not to fall… Otherwise it hurts. Ouch! Doing good so far today, didn’t fall at all on the small slope, then went on the mountain and took a long run, didn’t … Continue reading

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tangtoni on the go!

Just installed wordpress app for my blackberry, trying it out. Seems blog can be “twitter” now, getting my blog on-the-go!!

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