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  2. A little brother from suzhou says:

    GOOD luck sister i hope you have a good time in USA!!

  3. Tang Yuan! I can now stalk you hehe. I finally registered a blog too, Love your photos of my mustache party…I miss NYC. I am adding you to my friends’ link.

    • tangtoni says:

      Anna!! love your new blog~~~~
      how do you make annalanna your domain name without directing it to wordpress? do you have to pay?
      i have that “”, but when you type it, it goes to, so annoying!!!
      are you back in CA? or BJ?

  4. Chris Luo says:

    Hi Yuan,

    I ran into your blog months ago, and I really like your attitude towards life. I currently live in Milwaukee Wisconsin, moved to here in 2009 for graduate school and started working after graduation. I am from Guangzhou, single lady just started my career, and have confusion about life once in a while. I love NYC, and always want to get a job there and move, it is not that easy though. Hope you have a great weekend, and keep up the nice blogging.


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